Scholarship Program

Wayne Barlow Music Scholarship

Jazz is truly an original music art form born of the evolution of America. The evolution of Jazz has many contributors with worldwide appeal, love and admiration. The Jacksonville Jazz Society (JJS) is a voluntary organization of jazz enthusiasts and jazz professionals dedicated to the preservation, promotion and presentation of traditional and contemporary jazz music – “Keeping Jazz Alive in Jacksonville!”

To preserve the legacy of jazz, the mission of the Jacksonville Jazz Society is to promote the development of serious jazz education in the state of Florida, (primarily in the Jacksonville area) through scholarships, grants, and other non-financial means of support, such as opportunities for performance and internship.

JJS founders Na’im Rashid and Wayne Barlow are extremely passionate about jazz and educating future generations about this magnificient art form. The Wayne Barlow Scholarship was developed to offer assistance to those students whose curriculum is focused on jazz music – whether it be vocal, instrumental or writing.

The criteria to apply for consideration for this award (which can be anywhere from $500 – $5000 ) is listed on the application. ANYONE can apply no matter what race, religion, or school attending. Please download the application and submit it by mail for consideration.

Please attach any documentation such as enrollment letter to the college you will be attending, your GPA at your current school, your essay, and any letters verifying your enrollment.

We are excited in your dedication to keeping Jazz Alive, and flourishing. It is our hope that we can help you in some small measure to keep your dream alive! Thank you for taking the time to apply!

Click HERE to download the application.